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These are all comments from clients who have surrendered chinchillas to Second Chance Chins.

I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you. Thank you for making the transport for my little ones new home. It was great to see that you are taking such good care of all of them. I miss them lots but I know now that have a great home until they can be adopted.  --Tracy B. - Dearborn, MI

Thanks so much for helping us find new loving homes for our two chinchillas when we moved to Hawaii! I really appreciate the updates and hearing how they are doing and news of their new homes.  --Heidi & Anthony C. - Houghton, MI

It was a very difficult thing to give up our chin Chilly for adoption.  We have always found room in our home and hearts to adopt animals.  To be the one giving away a pet was heart wrenching.  So when I was looking for a good home for Chilly I found your web site.  I was expecting just to find some information but, instead you offered your help.  I just couldn't give her away to just anyone.  It broke my heart that she spent so much time alone.  Chilly is the sweetest little thing, and deserves so much more.  After sending our e-mails back and forth I knew you were the right Angel to find her a good and loving home.  It made me feel so good to see you hold and talk to our Chilly.  Without your help Mya, Chilly wouldn't have a chance to spend quality time with a new family that loves her too.  I know you will help Chilly find the perfect new home!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity to come to our home to get Chilly.  Thank you again Mya for loving our Chilly too!   --Cindy K., Westland, MI

Thank you for finding Speckles a new home.  Thank you for updating us on Merlin and Speckles so often.   We do miss our little ones, I know you are making sure they get a great new home with lots of love.  You are the best, meeting us at a half way point and taking such good care and time with us and our chins.  My sister and I can't tell you enough how it helped to know someone who really cared was going to have Speckles and Merlin.  It was hard enough to have to give them up, we were worried about finding a good home.   You made us feel better, knowing you would take care of them. Second Chance Chins is a little heaven for chins until they go to their new homes.  --Mary and Kathie L., Warren, MI

After the purchase of my first chinnie almost 7 years ago, my chinnie family had grown to five chinchillas.  I was living in a large 3 bedroom - 1500 square foot apartment with two other girls and 6 other pets.   My place was literally a zoo!  My fiancÚ and I had decided to rent a one bedroom apartment in Royal Oak.  Our new apartment will only be 650 sq ft with no room for the beautiful cage I had built for my babies.   There was nowhere suitable to house my chinnies.  In addition to this problem, my job had become very demanding of my time and I found myself unable to clean the cage or spend as much time with my chinnies as I had in the past.  Basically I became unable to care for them the way that they deserved to be.   After many weeks of agonizing over what to do, I made the decision that my babies deserved a better life than what I was able to provide.  I didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t want to sell them to a pet store (who knows what would have happened to them) and I didn’t know where to begin to find them a good home or homes.  I did some research on the web to find chinchilla rescues in my area.   That is how I found Mya at Second Chance Chins!  After numerous conversations with her, and taking a good look at the website, I made the decision that Second Chance Chins was the way to go.  Within about 3 weeks, I had turned over my chinchilla family to Mya.  Since then she has consistently kept me up to date with their health and progress.  It helps ease the pain of losing them knowing how they are doing and that they are constantly being loved and cared for.  I can’t wait to see their pics on the web!  I recommend Second Chance Chins for anyone who is looking for good care and loving homes for their chins.  I have complete confidence that my babies will be provided a good future! --Jillian F., Auburn Hills, MI

It was a very difficult decision to relinquish Mickey and Chinchi and I still feel the loss.  Since I had brought them into my home I felt I needed to care for them for life.  After much thought and deliberation I knew that with my job taking so much time and my allergy induced asthma becoming more acute, I could no longer care for them the way they deserved.  I was very relieved to find that you fed and cared for them so thoughtfully and individually.   Though I was initially concerned that Mickey wouldn't have a saucer wheel as he loves it so, you have assured me that you will see that his new home will provide one so that eases my mind.  That little guy sure can run!  Again, I appreciate the great care you give the chins in your care and the long term commitment you have to them. -- Pat M., Lansing area, MI

We cannot thank you enough for helping us find new homes for our boys!  It was a difficult decision to make to let them go and you made the transition so much easier.  We miss them a lot, but we are happy knowing that you have found them loving, new families!!  Knowing that you took such good care of them made all the difference.  We LOVE the pictures and updates that you send also.  It is nice to see/hear about how well they are doing!   Thank you so much everything that you did!!  Please feel free to use this or any of the emails I have sent you in your customer comment page.  Thank you again for everything!  If there is any way we can help you in the future please let us know.   If you ever receive updates about Toby or Bailey from their new families we would love to hear about them.  Thanks!!  Shealagh and Rick L., Lombard, IL

Hi Mya, The pix of Marty are beautiful.  Great job! I really liked how you worded the adoption paragraph.  She is always ready to hop out of her cage and she is a HAM.  We miss her a lot and Laura still asks about her, especially when she sees her pictures in our photo album.  Thanks for doing such a wonderful thing for all chinchillas, we and the chinchilla world are grateful.   Thanks again, Cynthia F., Lenox, MI

Thank you you so much for taking my little baby and giving him the best life possible.  My landlord would not let me keep my chin, I tried to sell him and then give him away for free but no one seemed to want him and I would have NEVER just given him to anyone.  So I looked up chin adoptions and I found Second Chance Chins.  When the lady who came to pick up Roo finally took him away, as I started to get a little teary, she made feel so reassured that she would find the best possible home for my Roo, and it made me feel a lot better.  Thank you Second Chance Chins, you truly are amazing people! -- Raychele S., Novi, MI

My name is Ashley and I'm the girl who surrendered Bouncer to your rescue in 2005.  I have visited your site often since that day.  I just wanted to write to say thank you.  I loved Bouncer so much and never in my life have I ever given a pet up but I truly could no longer care for him at that time.  It was very difficult for me to part with Bouncer (I always used to call him my "bunny" - I know that's silly), because I was afraid of what might happen to him.  When I found Mya's rescue, I had a lot of faith that she would do right by him and she couldn't have found him a better home.  I am so glad she was there when he got sick because I'm not certain I would have noticed soon enough had he still been with me.  I see that he is actually now Erin's pet and has a companion, Gem.  I am so happy about that and it gives me so much peace to know how well he is being taken care of.  I always wanted him to have a companion but I really wasn't even sure how to go about it.  Anyhow, I apologize for all the babbling but I have meant to say thank you for a very long time - so from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. --Ashley A., Toledo, OH