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We all like to spoil our little fuzz-butts, but please remember, that too much of a good thing can be harmful.  You certainly wouldn't allow a child to eat as many cookies and candy bars as they want, the same goes for pets as well!  Remember, moderation is the key.   These items are TREATS, not part of their regular diet!

Many people ask what treats are safe to give their chins, so we've prepared a list of items that are suitable and safe for chins.   The portions of all the treats are about the size of a raisin (a smaller raisin, not a jumbo baking raisin), the exceptions to this are noted after the item.

NOTE:  All dried fruits are "no sugar added".  Never give fresh fruits or vegetables to a chinchilla, it can make them very sick!

Raisin (the number one favorite of most chins)
Dried currant
Dried banana chip
Dried papaya (Kaytee Healthy Toppings in the bird and small animal aisle of some pet stores, also Sunseed in the bird aisle)
Dried pineapple
Dried pear
Dried blueberry
Dried strawberry (we use the ones out of the Honey Bunches of Oats cereal, also Gerber found in the baby aisle of the grocery)
Dried cranberry
Dried peach (not a big favorite, but some chins like them...they do smell rather "funny")
Dried plum (aka prune)
Dried cherry
Dried apricot (some chins have refused this, but most like them)
Dried fig
Dried mango (some chins here have refused this, but many like it)
Dried apple (Orchard Sweets apple bits in the bird and/or small animal aisle of some pet stores, also Kaytee Healthy Toppings)
Plain Cheerio (not the flavored variety)
Plain (unfrosted ONLY) shredded wheat cereal (about 1/2 of a bite-sized biscuit)
"Whinnies" horse treats (only ingredient is dehydrated apple pomace)
Orchard Sweets "apple logs", very similar to "Whinnies" (available at most pet stores)
Rolled Oats (old-fashioned, about 3-4)
Stretch Island, Fruitabu or Trader Joes brand fruit leathers, grape, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry or apple (in the natural/organic section of some grocery stores)
Shelled sunflower seeds (about 2-3, feed only very occasionally, for a special treat)
Grape Nuts cereal (a few pieces)
Rose hip (lots of vitamin C)
Oxbow Critter Berries
Oxbow Critter Carrots


Some chins may also enjoy:

SuperPet Critter Cones or Chilly Chews (Ice cream cone shaped calcium supplement for small animals)
SuperPet Lava Bites (flavored, colored pumice stones for maintaining healthy teeth)
Sunseed Chin Chew Blox (gray square chew stone for maintaining healthy teeth.  We recommend slicing these with an old hacksaw blade into about 4-5 slices.  Chinchillas cannot open their mouths very far and the cube will just sit after the chin has chewed the edges off the block.)