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Our names are Mya and Jim and we love animals.  We currently have 4 chinchillas, 1 dog and a 90 gallon freshwater aquarium.

After a lot of searching on the internet after adopting Lady and Princess, Mya discovered that there weren't any chinchilla rescues in our area.  After discussing it with Jim, the plan started to formulate to at least be available for anyone that needed help with their chin.  Honestly, we never thought this would end up being this big of a job!  One or two chins a year?  Try again!  We've placed an average of about two chinchillas a month since this whole thing got started in January, 2004.

We have been blessed with having an absolutely fabulous foster person that takes on some of our more difficult cases.  We've taken to calling her our "miracle worker".  She just has a way of turning anti-social and distrustful behavior around to loving, wonderful pets.

We have experienced new life with the births of a few kits, and have experienced the sadness of death as well.  We have also had the joy of seeing a chinchilla that nearly died on us spring back under excellent veterinary care and our determined care to become a wonderful pet and "soul mate" of another chinchilla.

We have learned a lot along the way, and continue to grow in our knowledge of chinchillas.  Our learning never ends....


Meet our family!

This is Princess Lola.  She is hetero beige, which means only one of her parents was beige.  Princess was born approximately September, 2000.  She had a daughter named Lady, both whom we adopted on September 6, 2003 from a private individual before we began doing rescue.  Princess was named by her previous guardian and we just kept the name because it fit her.  Princess is very picky about what treats she'll accept.  Princess enjoys her flying saucer wheel and spends the bulk of her day sleeping in her spacious hidey-house.  The photos were taken in August, 2007.  Princess and Lady lived together until May of 2008 when Lady decided to try to exert her dominance and was constantly trying to pick fights with Princess.  We separated them, and they seemed much happier.

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Princess and Lady together
(before they were separated)

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Ananya was born in November, 1999.  She is a chronic fur biter who was taken in by another rescuer.  Fur biting is believed to be a genetic condition in which a stressed or unhappy animal will chew off its own fur...it's kind of like humans biting their fingernails.  She stopped fur biting for nearly 3 years, but began again about 6 months before coming to live with us.  Her previous guardians wish nothing but the best for little Ananya, and wanted to give her some time in a different environment to see if she would stop fur biting.  We feel honored to be asked to be her new guardians.  She came to live with us on February 5, 2004 and we are delighted to have her as part of our family.  After only about a month of living with us, her fur started to grow back, but she has occasional regressions into the habit.  The following is a quote taken (with permission) from an email from her former guardian:  "Adam and I are SO HAPPY that she has a FABULOUS home with you and that she's doing so well!! You guys are the greatest!! =) Sally".  The photos below were taken in August, 2007.

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Jane is a female white mosaic (silver), born approximately February 2003.  She was originally named "Jaws" by her first mom, because she was always the first one to get her treat....we thought that the name "Jane" suited her a little better and was a little more feminine.  She is very curious, often coming over to see you when you walk by the cage.  She came to us with Smoky and Sweetie, some our very first rescues.  In August, 2004, After a couple of visits to her doctor, Jane was diagnosed with a serious dental problem called malocclusion,  in which the roots of her molars (in her case, just one is growing so far) grow upwards toward her sinus cavity and eye sockets.  Because of this, Jane was removed from adoption availability.  In July, 2005 we just couldn't stand it anymore....Jane stole our hearts, and we decided to officially make her part of our family.  Jane is doing very well, despite her condition.  We tried an experimental therapy using chewable vitamin C with her, which I learned of from another rescuer.  It appears that her roots have stopped growing, and may even be correcting somewhat!  Janie also surprised us with our very first kit born here at SCC!  The photos below were taken in August, 2007.

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Twitch is a hetero beige female, born approximately April 1998.  Twitch came to SCC as a rescue along with her four sons (Myley, Baby, Spikey and Roo) in April 2005.  Twitch lived with Jane from just a few days after she arrived.  After the decision was made to keep Jane here as part of our family, we saw that she really liked having a friend to live with.  Neither one of these girls had lived alone in a long time and we didn't want to do that to either of them.  We really liked Twitch, and she and Jane got along just perfectly, so we decided to adopt Twitch ourselves.  She moved into a new cage with Jane and now has a flying saucer wheel again.  Jane even started to run on the saucer, and we never witnessed her running on a wheel before!  The photos below were taken in August, 2007.

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Janie and Twitchie together

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This is Dexter "the wonder dog".   Dexter is an extremely intelligent Australian Cattle Dog mix, born January 22, 2000.  He has several games that he likes to play and I swear he knows what you're saying to him when you talk to him.  The first photo was taken when he was still a puppy, the second was taken during one of his "crazy dog" moments!  His favorite activities are bringing in the groceries from the car in his basket, playing "hide and seek", catching frisbees, and attempting to herd his mommy!  The third photo is Dexter helping to care for the chins...Yes, I did say he helps with the chins!  He carries water bottles to be filled in his basket to the kitchen where daddy fills them, and then brings them back to mom when they're full so she can put them back on the cages!  Dexter also likes to help put the laundry in the dryer, take out the trash, carry daddy's keys for him when he leaves for work and arrives home, and now he even helps pick up litter to be thrown away from the yard!  He's definitely a BIG help!

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This is Lady Lois.  Lady was born December 21, 2002.  Princess was Lady's mom.   Lady is named for Mya's late grandmother.  Lady along with her mom, Princess  joined our family September 6, 2003.  Lady enjoyed her flying saucer wheel and sleeping in her spacious hidey-house as well as being petted and loved on.  The photos of her were taken in August, 2007.   We lost our beautiful Lady on August 3, 2010 to GI stasis and bloat.  We did everything we could to save her but it wasn't to be.  Lady is buried under one of our apple trees next to Smoky and Quinci.  She was very much loved and is still deeply missed.  Rest in peace baby girl.  Mom and Dad love you!

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RIP Lady ~ August 3, 2010
We love you!



This is Quinci (or "The Big Q").  Quinci was born March 24, 1992.  I adopted him in August of 1992.   He was mom's little sweetheart who enjoyed sitting with us and watching TV.  His favorite treats were raisins and dried pineapple.  He was Mya's very first chinchilla and was part of her life since he was 6 months old.  When Jim came on the scene, he pretty much stole his affections away from mom!  Quinci is a testament to the fact that chinchillas do live a long life.  The photos below were taken in August, 2007.  Sadly, we had to have Quinci put to sleep on August 26, 2008, at the ripe old age of 16-1/2.  Quinci had testicular cancer, which had invaded surrounding tissue.  He had surgery but the incisions dehisced, which means they wouldn't heal and started to come apart a week after surgery.  There was no alternative but to let him go.  Even if his wounds had healed, the cancer would likely have come back soon, as our wonderful vet could not get all of it.  He will always be my "Quinki Binkie Boinky Butt", as his Grandma dubbed him, and will be forever missed.  He is buried next to Smoky and Lady under one of our apple trees.

RIP Quinci ~ August 26, 2008
We love you!



Lastly, this is Smoky.  Smoky was our male TOV (touch of velvet) white mosaic, born approximately October 2003.  The photo below was taken shortly after he arrived as one of our first rescues.  Sadly, we lost him Thanksgiving day, 2006.  Mya discovered his still warm, lifeless body shortly after dinner that day.  We're not sure exactly the cause of his passing, but we suspect he had a freak fall in his cage and died of internal injuries.  Smoky was laid to rest under a newly planted apple tree (he LOVED his apple sticks!).  Lady and Quinci have since joined him under that tree.  He was loved very much, and is deeply missed.  Smoky enjoyed running on his saucer wheel and being "scritched" under his chin.  Smoky will always remain in a special place in our hearts....rest in peace,  Mokey, we still love you.

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RIP Smoky ~ November 23, 2006
We love you!