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Second Chance Chins offers a special "match-making" service for chinchillas looking for a buddy to cuddle with.

Second Chance Chins is pleased to offer a special match-making service just for your special chinchilla!  We receive applications on a fairly regular basis requesting a chinchilla as a buddy for an existing chin.  Not all chinchillas will get along with another chin, and some that will are picky about their friends.  To help eliminate the problem of chinchillas returning to us if a pairing doesn't work out, or the client having to purchase a separate cage when they really don't want one, we've developed this system to find just the right friend for your chin!

If you are thinking of adopting a single chinchilla with the plan to adopt a friend at a later date, we suggest adopting a pair that is already bonded instead.  There will be no guarantee that a single chinchilla you select now will want to have a friend later.  There is no way for us to know this until we try a pairing.


This program has been temporarily suspended.

We currently are NOT accepting applications for our Find-A-Friend program, with the exception of those who have previously adopted from us.  

Please do NOT submit an application if are looking for a "friend" for a chinchilla you already have.



We let the chinchillas decide on who they'd like for a friend.  After approval to adopt, we will arrange a meeting with you and your chinchilla.  We bring all (or most) of our available single, same-sex chins.   Our first step is to confirm the sex of your chin.  The reason we do this is that we have received many rescues that were not the gender they were supposed to be, because of inexperienced pet store staff not knowing how to tell and "guessing".   We then will introduce each one of our rescues, one at a time, to your chinchilla, noting the reaction of the chins to each other with each introduction.

We have become pretty good at assessing who is a possibility and who isn't.  We eliminate the ones that we know aren't going to work as we go, and then work with who's left.  We use a very small introduction cage (less than a foot cube) that forces them to interact with each other.  We narrow down the possibilities in this manner until we see who our best candidate is.

If we don't find a match during this meeting, we are willing to meet again at a later date when we have different chins to try.  We may discover in the process that your chin just doesn't really want to have a buddy after all, but most often we've found great new friends for chins that are now inseparable!

If you decide to adopt a chin using this process, the adoption contract will state that you will have a short trial period with the new chin and may return him or her to us if things do not work out.  Since we often meet during the day, the chins are usually somewhat sleepy and sometimes don't show their true feelings until evening when they're fully awake.  You would be responsible for contacting us as soon as possible and let us know what is going on with the chins.  If it is decided that the chins are not going to get along, then we take back the chin (we won't mark them adopted on the site until we're sure it works out), and we give you the option of waiting until a later date to try a different group of chins or a refund of your adoption fee (this is the only circumstance in which we will refund adoption fees).

We request that you have a spare cage available for a couple days, should the need arise to separate your chin from our rescue chin.   Chinchillas can be quite aggressive when they feel their territory is being invaded.  It may be necessary if using the cage currently used by your chin for the pair, to thoroughly clean the cage and rearrange the items in it so it is less likely to be considered "established territory" by your chin.

We will not place unaltered, opposite-sex chins together, so please do not request this.  This would violate what we consider to be ethical since breeding would very likely occur.  If you have your heart set on an opposite-sex chin, neutering of the male would be mandatory.  If the male is one of our rescues, we will take the male to our specialist vet for the surgery after we receive a signed agreement that you will adopt the chinchilla and a non-refundable deposit equal to the cost of neutering.  After recovery from surgery, the chin may be adopted.

This method has been VERY successful for us.   After all, it's the chins that have to live with each other...you want them both to be happy in the selection, and this seems to be the very best way to accomplish that goal.




"After being an only chin for the first six years of my life, I convinced my mom to get me a friend, and she arranged a meeting with Mya and her chins.  I got to meet a lot of chins when we met with Mya, one of them was Bailey.  We got along very well right from the start, so well that we were able to share a cage the same night Bailey came home with us.  Since then we've been the best of friends and we've never fought.  We sleep together, eat together, and play together.  We're inseparable.  I'm so much happier now that Bailey is here.   He's the greatest friend a chin could ask for."  --Sandler


"I was adopted by my mom and dad when my former parents didn't want me anymore.  They got me all the food and treats that I could ever want!  They even got me a bigger cage so that I could stretch out my legs and really zoom around.  But I was very lonely.  With dad working and mom in school a lot, I spent a lot of time just trying to occupy my time.  Then my dad began to speak to Mya at Second Chance Chins and he brought me to meet her.  There were so many chins to choose from!  All different sizes, colors and of both genders!   That was when I met Dusti.  She was very sweet and shy.  My dad, mom, and I narrowed down my new friend to a few possibilities and we all agreed to meet one more time.  No matter who was placed with me, no one was like Dusti.  Those eyes... those whiskers... you've never seen a more beautiful chinchilla!  Dusti and I have been living together for awhile now and things couldn't be better!  I'm no longer lonely and I have the best friend ever!" --Taz
(webmaster's note:  Taz was neutered before Dusti went to live with him.)