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Everything you need to know about our adoption procedure is outlined on this page.  Please read this page in its entirety prior to filling out and submitting an application to adopt.

Brief description of the application process:

The first step if you are interested in adopting a chinchilla, is to fill out an adoption application.  Once we receive the  application, we will acknowledge it with a short form letter.

Within a few days of receiving your application (but usually the day we acknowledge it's receipt), we will send out some additional questions that are based on the information you provided us.  When we receive your response to these questions, we will review your application, and ask additional questions, if necessary to clarify your answers so we understand everything perfectly.  This may take from a few days to a week or so, depending on what other things are going on here.

We then will make a decision regarding your application and let you know that decision.  If you are declined, we give reasons why we declined your application.  We always let you know, either way, what that decision is, but please do be patient as reviewing these applications does take a little time.  We are striving to turn applications around as quickly as we can.

We have streamlined our process to be as efficient and easy as possible, while still being thorough.


Things to keep in mind during the application process:

Please do not be offended if you are asked for more clarification on the answers you provide.  We must be absolutely sure we understand your answers, in order to provide for the continued well-being and safety of all of our rescues.

Please answer our emails at your earliest convenience.   Delay in responding on your part, just delays our decision, and sometimes causes more work on our part to follow up with you, delaying other applicants as well.

Please only submit an application if you are serious about bringing a chin (or chins) into your life at the time you are applying.  We cannot hold applications for later processing or hold chins for extended periods of time while you decide when the time is right.

If you have a change of heart about adopting,  PLEASE help us serve others more efficiently by letting us know and don't leave us hanging!  It's just courtesy to say "I think I have changed my mind...please remove my application".  We spend a lot of time trying to follow up with people who never bother to write back after they submit their application.

All of our communications are via email, for clarity and the sake of having everything in writing for review.  Please do not ask us to call you.  Remember, we are sometimes working with several applicants at once.  We don't want to end up confusing what you've said with something someone else may have said and end up not approving a great candidate because of that.


If you have questions...

If you have questions regarding our adoption process, please feel free to write to us and ask.  We want you to be comfortable with the process and understand it fully before you place your application.  We do our best to respond to our email very quickly, usually the same or next day.



Our rescue is currently closed.

We no longer have chinchillas in need of homes