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These are all comments from clients who have adopted a chinchilla from Second Chance Chins.

I would like to thank Mya and Jim for making my first time adopting a pleasant one.  Mya is very thorough with questions concerning adoption and with the description of chins.  I would recommend Second Chance Chins...if you are looking to adopt or in need to place a chin in someone elses care.  Mya gives them excellent care and love, until they can be placed in a new home.  I'm sure Sweetie would agree.  --Linda S. - Romulus, MI

I can't praise Second Chance Chins enough.  If you're looking to adopt a chinchilla... this is the place to be.  Besides the accurate description and picture of each chin... they are all given excellent care until they can be placed in a loving home.  I know what I'm speaking about... because I have adopted two of their chins already.  Both Sweetie and Squint were exactly as described and very healthy when I got them.  Because of the great care that is given to each chin... I will continue to adopt from Second Chance Chins.   --Linda S. - Romulus, MI

Brittany and I are the proud new parents of Piggy and Goose.  The experience we had with Mya at Second Chance Chins was great.  Mya took great care in making sure that this was a good fit for our family as well as for Piggy and Goose and was more than patient with all the questions we had.  I still laugh when Goose and Piggy try to get into their dust bath at the same time.  We got them a playpen that Brittany sits in the middle of and they crawl all over her.  They are really adorable together.  Thank you Mya for the time you took.... it was easy to see how much you care for your chins as well as for your extended family - which now includes us.  --Sabrina S. - Sterling Heights, MI

First of all I would like to thank Mya and her family for choosing me to adopt Snow White.  Snow White is such a pleasure and a wonderful addition to my family.  My experience with Second Chance Chins was wonderful!  I would highly recommend them for any chinchilla questions you might have.  Mya is very great with everything she does with the chins from keeping them healthly and loving them until they find their way to their new homes.  Thanks again Mya!  Keep up the wonderful work that you do.  --Tandy S. - Ypsilanti, MI

I'm very pleased to be the proud adoptive parent for Honey, who is now called Wicket (after the e-wok in Star Wars).   I'm glad I can help one little chinnie live a life that she deserves, as she is a rescue.  At first I wanted a little boy, but after hearing of her story and progress my heart reached out to her, and when I finally met her, I loved her!  Thank you so much Mya!  She is currently warming up to my other chin-baby Chi-Chi and loves to be scratched on her cheek.  This adoption experience will be fulfilling for both me and Wicket.  Thanks again!  --Heather B., Auburn Hills, MI  (Webmaster's note:   Honey was never listed on the website, as she was rescued from a ranch specifically for this client)

I have now adopted a total of seven chins from SCC.  Besides having Sweetie, Quin (formally Squint), Chinarump & Riley... I am now the proud owner of Truffle, Tucker & Frodo.  What can I say about SCC, but they're a great chinchilla rescue and adoption facility.  I have been very pleased with each chinchilla that I adopted from them.  Mya takes excellent care of them until they can be placed into their new home.  She is also helpful and informative, she will answer any questions you may have concerning a chinchilla.  She always makes sure to give the best possible information.  Just look over the SCC site.  SCC is the perfect place to adopt a chinchilla from...but first you should understand what it means to own a chinchilla.  They can live up to 20 years and then some.  So please do your homework before considering to adopt one of these cuties...they want a home for life!!  --Linda S., Romulus, MI

Second Chance Chins is a wonderful rescue.  I just adopted 2 chins from them and they are truly the most amazing things in the world!  Mya was awesome, my father had a heart attack and died during the adoption process and she was very nice and held on to them for me until I was stable enough emotionally to bring them home.  She was very informative on their habits, likes, and dislikes and made the transition very easy for them as well as myself.  I will definitely look into adopting from her again!  --Christina J., Oxford, MI (Christina adopted Pudge and Prince)

I am the proud new parent of Chilly.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mya and her hubby for so much effort and help throughout the adoption process.  After meeting with them I soon realized that they treat each individual chin with love, and attention.  They take time to really get to know each chin's personality and habits.  The experience was a wonderful one, and I give my highest recommendations.  --Elyse F., Onondaga, MI

Thank you so much Mya for how helpful you were during the adoption of my chins.  Not only was it wonderful to be able to email you with questions whenever I needed to, the fact that you were willing to meet me half way to pick them up really surprised me.  It helped knock a good 45 minutes off our trip.  Thank you so much, and I'm already attached to my two chins.   --Renee C., Port Huron, MI (Renee adopted Jake and Elwood)

I can't thank Mya and Jim enough for the wonderful and heartfelt job they do for the chins.  I met with Jim and Mya a couple of weeks ago to adopt a chin as a companion for my lonely little guy who lost his friend to an illness.  Mya and I had been e-mailing back and forth for a few weeks and even with her busy schedule she went the extra mile to answer any questions I had.   I was amazed at how our chin took to Mya right away.  He is usually very shy and skittish yet Mya handled him as if they had known each other for years.  Both Mya and Jim are very knowledgeable and professional in placing the chins in the proper homes and our chin now has the perfect friend.  The two chins get along great and they are always sleeping together.  Thanks again to two very special people. --Debra K., Romeo, MI (Debra adopted Speckles)

My experience has been very pleasant over all.  I was never kept in limbo after an application was sent out and got immediate responses letting me know of my status as a perspective adoptive parent.  I was very pleased and surprized on how accomidating you were Mya.  Any question that you had regarding my two chinchillas, Lilliput & Jonathan Swift, and their temperment was carefully weighed to make sure that Tales got the most appropriate setup and friends.   You told me everything I could possible wish to know about his temperment, history (to the best of your knowledge), his cute little quirks and habits.  It really did help me immensely that you agreed to meet me as well as how fast I was able to meet with you to adopt him and get him situated.  Tales is such a welcome part of my home and my chinchilla family, that I simply could not dream of living without him now.  Thank you so much, Mya, for everything.  Your patience, knowledge, readiness to meet with me, and take time to answer any and all questions I could have was such an amazing experience.  I will recommend Second Chance Chins Chinchilla rescue to any potential chinchilla owner I know. --Erin J., Grosse Pointe Park, MI

My first experience with Second Chance Chins was when I was looking to adopt a new chinchilla to be another companion to my other two chinchillas that I owned.  I was fortunate enough to adopt Tales, then known as Tails and I have been smitten ever since.  Tales was once a fur chewer, but once Mya took him into her rescue his chewing stopped.  In the time that I have owned him, he has grown out the most beautiful beige coat and has really grown into a happy boy.   However, I had been hoping to get a new companion for him, since he was far too busy for my other chinchillas to be their roommate.  Mya was more than accommodating!   She had agreed to meet me with several chinchillas and helped me narrow down my selection to two possible candidates.  When the adoption time came, Mya, myself, and Tales helped to pick out the best fit for him, which was a darling chinchilla named Baby.   The two are now inseperable, and I can see already how much they are begining to rely on one another.  Second Chance Chins is a rescue with a lot of heart and I would be proud to send any potential chinchilla adopters their way. -- Erin J., Grosse Pointe Park, MI

I would like to thank Mya from SCC for allowing me to adopt Harry & William and become their new dad.  When I first meet both the boys, there was an immediate connection between Harry & myself.   Harry grabbed my hand holding it as if to say, "Hi I'm Harry and I want to stay here with you".  I knew right then I had to adopt the two of them, it was a great decision for the three of us all around.  All chins at SCC are well taken care of until they can be placed in their new home.  Thank you once again for allowing me to adopt these two wonderful boys. -- Kevin S., Romulus, MI

Cory and I recently adopted Myley through Second Chance Chins and could not have been happier or more at ease with the entire adoption process.  I can not say enough about how kind and caring Mya was throughout this process.  She (quickly) answered any of our questions and since this was our first time adopting a chinchilla we had lots of them.  Mya made sure that we had all the information that we needed to make the decision to adopt and worked with us to make sure we were not rushing into anything.  It was obvious throughout this process that Mya has the best interest of the chinchillas at heart and was determined to make sure that the adoptive families and chinchillas were good matches!   Mya is also knows many resources that are easy to work with (from buying proper food to nice cages).  I would definitely recommend Mya and Second Chance Chins to anyone interested in adopting a chinchilla as you can be certain she will provide all the information needed for you to make an appropriate decision regarding adoption. We are so thankful to Mya for helping us through and look forward to working with her in the future! -- Kerri and Cory - Clawson, MI

I want to thank Mya for making it possible for us to bring George into our family.   She is very thorough with the adoption process to make sure they go to good homes.  George is my first chin and she was very helpful with all of my questions and with helping me choose the best cage and everything else that I needed to get his home ready.  She let me know things he liked and things he didn’t.  The whole process went very smoothly from the initial application right up to the meeting where we met him and brought him home.  George, with his great little personality, is a perfect fit for us.  He is very friendly and LOVES attention and we love him very much.  Thank you!!! -- Jen F., Harrison Township, MI

Mya, we really appreciate all the time you took answering our questions as we prepared for our adoption.  As a first-time chin family, you helped us to be thoroughly prepared for our new arrival!  Toby is the sweetest little guy and has been a delight to our whole family.  My daughter is thoroughly committed to his care and he loves all her attention.  Even though it took a little time to get everything set up for his home, it was worth the time and effort, because he settled in right away and seems very happy in his new condo! -- Andrea & Claire T., West Bloomfield, MI

Adopting from Second Chance Chins was such a wonderful experience, better than any I could have had with a pet store.  It was comforting to know that I was adopting Tango from someone who knows everything there is to know about chinchillas and is not only willing to share her knowledge, but insists upon ensuring that her clients know how to properly care for the animal.  It is nice that Mya was able to tell me my chinchilla's background, who his parents are, his habits, his likes, his dislikes, etc.  This is not usually information you can receive from a pet store clerk.  As an amateur chinchilla owner, I have also appreciated her follow-up, as I do not feel like I am on my own, stranded with a new pet.  The bottom line is that Mya and her foster care helpers truly care for these animals and that has been apparent throughout the entire adoption process. --Amanda S., Saline, MI
(Webmaster's note:  We certainly do not claim to know everything there is to know about chinchillas.  We strive to continue to grow in our understanding and knowledge of these remarkable animals.)

I contacted SCC through Petfinder.com.  It has been a dream of mine for many years to be the parent of a chinchilla.  I contacted Mya and she is amazing, she knows all about chinchillas, but not only that she loves each and every one of them.  She so graciously educated me on chinchillas and recommended Chillie.  Chillie is so friendly, fun, a thrill to interact with, and very much loved.  Only regret I have, is not having a chinchilla sooner in my life.  If you are interested in adopting a chinchilla, do not hesitate to contact Mya she is the best.  Thanks Mya!!! --Mary G., Canton, MI

I just wanted to say thank you for letting me adopt Peanut & Sweet Pea (Now Zukko & Sukky).  They are such little sweethearts, I honestly can't picture my life without them!!!  Since they came to me we have been through a lot together!!!  Going to the vet for an eye infection with Sukky to a new cage romodel!!  Which they are crazy for!!  They are the happiest little Fuzz-bitts!!!  lol  Thanks again!!  I am so grateful that I found Second Chance Chins!!!!! --Taryn G., East Lansing, MI

I cannot thank Mya and Jim enough for the adoption of Samson!!  Mya is so thorough in the adoption process and is very helpful for ANY questions I have had and any questions I will have in the future.  Much thanks for making my first chinchilla adoption a wonderful experience for both me and Samson!!!! --Lauren S., Troy, MI

Second Chance Chin is the best if you are looking for a chin. The adoption proccess insures that the chins being adopted to great forever homes.  Mya and her husband answer every question you could have about owning a chin and they will even answer question you did not think of yet LOL.  You can tell from start to finish that they love chins and they want to make sure they go to loving homes.   I just adopted "Bentley" from them and you can tell he has been handled and taken care of right from birth.  He is so people friendly and what a little character.  Thanks again SCC --Mike G., St. Clair Shores, MI

It was a long process to get my baby but he was well worth the wait.  He is the most loveable chin ever and is very happy in his new home.   I am very happy that SCC gave me the chance to adopt one of their many wonderful chins.  He is already very spoiled-and loves out of cage playtime.  Thank you very much SCC for giving me the oppurtunity to adopt Cole. --Heather H., Melvindale, MI

Thank you again so much for letting us adopt Pistachio.  He has made himself right at home and the family loves him.  He is such a character, and funny to watch run around my room. The wheel is his most favorite activity so far.  He is so calm and will not run if you move or trie to pick a piece of debris from his fur.  I also love how I can hold him and he will snuggle so much and not try to escape.  Thank you again for the best expirience for a long while. --Levi G., Marshall, MI

I adopted a hetero beige chinchilla female from SCC just about 4 months ago. March 2011 was the actual adoption. They were great at answering all of my questions, and providing me with useful information about chinchilla care. Lola is doing wonderfully! She loves to run in her flying saucer, she loves rose hips, and sleeping inside her chin box. I just caught her sleeping up in her new hammock as well:) Thank you SCC! I luv my "Lola Pie" which is what I call her often now.  I wouls recommend SCC to anyone! --Katie A., Farmington, MI