Buddy joined us at Second Chance Chins on January 30, 2011.  Buddy is a charcoal male born August 27, 2005.  Buddy came to us from a family that no longer had the time to give him the attention he needs and deserves.  There were allergy issues involved as well.  They were sad to see Buddy leave, but we've promised that he'll get a loving new home.  Since Buddy has come to us, he's learned to use the 15" Chin Spin wheel that is in his cage here with us and he loves it!  He's such a social little guy, and his personality matches his good looks.  He wants to know what's going on around him and loves to be petted from the top of his head right to his tail, which is a bit unusual for a chinchilla.  Whomever adopts Buddy is going to be a very lucky person.  Buddy was adopted on May 17, 2012 by a very loving new mom.  She had a very difficult time choosing between Buddy and another of our wonderful chins, but Buddy was her ultimate choice and I don't think she has any regrets!  Buddy lives in a 60" tall custom cage and has a 15" Chin Spin to run on.



Furby and Chico

Furby and Chico are a very cute pair of boys.  They came to Second Chance Chins on March 12, 2011 because of a recent lifestyle change for their former owner.  Both boys are were born approximately November, 2009 and are standard gray.  Furby and Chico both know how to use a flying saucer wheel that they have in their cage here with us and sleep together in their roomy hidey house most of the day.  In the photos of them below, Chico is on the left and Furby is on the right.  Furby and Chico were adopted on June 9, 2012 and are now family pets.  They live in a Quality Mansion cage outfitted with custom shelving that we built and they have a flying saucer wheel to run on.  We're sure that they'll live out their days happy, happy and in the lap of luxury!




Allegro came to Second Chance Chins on December 2, 2010 as a transfer from the Humane Society of Huron Valley in Ann Arbor.  His name is a musical term meaning "quick and lively".  We're not sure it's the most fitting of names for this little guy, as he fell asleep several times while we were taking his photographs!  Allegro is believed to be born approximately November, 2008.  He seems to have some vision impairment on one side, which leads him to be a bit nervous with approaches by human hands.  He will be living with our fantastic foster mom, Miranda, for some expert one-on-one care and attention so he can gain some confidence.  Although he's had a Chin Spin wheel in his cage since he arrived here with us, he has yet to explore using it.  One of his favorite activities, other than begging for treats and sleeping in his hidey house, is pulling his food dish all around the cage!  Update 3/1/11:  Allegro has made wonderful progress with Miranda.  He's learned to use his Chin Spin wheel, and is a lot more social than when he came to us.  He loves to be scritched under the chin and on the chest and belly as well.  We think that once a new family gains his trust, you'll be friends for life!  On October 17, 2012, Allegro's foster mom became his REAL mom.  He was formally adopted!  We can't think of a better home for Allegro.  We know he'll have a happy and contented life with Miranda!




Bentley returned to us here at Second Chance Chins on April 3, 2011, after being born here on March 19, 2008 and placed in a home in June, 2008.  Unfortunately, severe allergies developed for his owner and even after having Bentley in his own room, the allergy issues persisted.  Bentley is a very handsome black velvet male, and he is very sweet, although a little timid and shy.  The first photo of him is a typical pose for him.  Bentley enjoys running on his saucer wheel, although he knows how to use a standard wheel as well.  Bentley was adopted on September 23, 2012 by a very nice couple from the Chicago area.  They drove all the way to our area to pick him up.  Bentley now lives in a Martin's Highrise cage that we outfitted with custom pine shelving.  He also has a 15" Chin Spin and a hammock.  We're confident that Bentley is going to have a fabulous life with them!



Total number of chins placed in new homes during 2012:

(this does not include those that were transferred to other rescues or passed away while with us)