Pistachio is an absolutely adorable male TOV (Touch Of Velvet) white mosaic.  He is a very small chinchilla, weighing only about 500 grams when he arrived.  He is full-grown, and is not undernourished, it's just his genetics that make him so small.  Pistachio was born approximately December, 2006 and came to Second Chance Chins on June 22, 2010.  Pistachio was given as a gift to a young child and mom just didn't have time to give him the attention he needed and deserves.  Pistachio enjoys running on the Chin Spin wheel in his new cage here with us, as well as hamming it up for the camera.  He also very quickly figured out our nightly routine of treat time!  Pistachio will be going to one of our wonderful foster homes for a little extra one-on-one attention.  Pistachio was adopted on January 8, 2011 by a very nice young man who has had a chinchilla previously.  Pistachio has begun to settle in and is sure to be much loved in his new home where he can be the center of attention!




Lola came to us on September 19, 2010, along with her then cage mate, Sheila.  When they were surrendered, we knew that Lola had some possible health issues that might need to be addressed.  She did indeed have some issues, and she had surgery to be spayed because of pyometra (infection of the uterus).  She is fully recovered now and is ready to find a new home.  Lola is a very pretty dark hetero beige female, born approximately December, 2007.  Lola has beautiful dark speckles on the edges of her ears and has a curious and social temperament.  She loves a good run on a wheel, and is enjoying a flying saucer wheel in her cage here with us.  She also loves to be scratched under the chin and on the tummy.  Lola and Sheila were surrendered to us for rehoming because of serious allergies to them that developed for their owner.  When Lola fully recovered from her surgery, we attempted several times to reintroduce her to Sheila to no avail.  The two have been separated and now live singly.  Lola went home to a super new mom and dad on March 6, 2011.  She has a very nice cage that is a bit bigger than what she had here with us, with lots of fun shelving and a big house to sleep in.  She also has a flying saucer and hammock, both of which she enjoys.  We're confident that Lola is going to be much loved and very well taken care of in her new home.




Rupert came to us as an emergency surrender on May 2, 2011.  Rupert was suffering from severe malocclusion and went to the vet the very next day.  After a thorough exam and radiographs, it was decided the kindest thing for little Rupert was to end his suffering.  He was buried in our "back 40", which is a natural area of our property.  He is in the company of the other rescue chins that passed on while with us.  Although Rupert was in a lot of pain because of his teeth, he was still a little sweetheart.  We wish that there had been something we could have done to otherwise help him. 

RIP Rupert ~ May 3, 2011




Dusty is an absolutely gorgeous dark ebony female, born in November, 2006.  Dusty came to us on March 9, 2010 because her former owner did not have the room to provide a separate cage for her so that she wouldn't become pregnant again.  Dusty is currently nursing two adorable little girls, Ember and Sahara who were born on March 7, 2010.  Dusty was with her mate after her kits were born, so she will be staying with us until at least June 30, 2010, so we can be sure she's not expecting again.  Dusty is a very good mom and has a sweet and laid back personality.  UPDATE 6/24/10:  Dusty is unfortunately pregnant again.  She is due any day now, and we're keeping a close eye on her.  We're hoping for only one kit this time, but the amount of weight she's gained and where we're feeling movement inside her leads us to believe she has at least two.  We've been giving Dusty some supplements to help her during her back to back pregnancies, and she seems to be doing very well.  We've assured Dusty that this is the last time she has to go through this.  UPDATE 6/26/10:  The kits have arrived!  We arrived home from some errands on June 26 to find one newly born and still wet kit.  Not quite expecting Dusty to give birth for a few days, she was still in her regular cage.  We scrambled to get her into the maternity cage, which was up from the basement, but not yet together and ready for her.  The first kit we presume was born around 12:15-12:20pm.  At 1:17, we witnessed the birth of kit number two!  Both kits are we believe tan.  They are both girls and are identical twins.  We were able to take a video of the second kit being born, and will be posting it here on our website once we have time to edit and prepare it.  On July 31, 2011, Mistress Dusty was adopted by a wonderful new mom who drove all the way from Madison, WI to pick her up.  We will miss Dusty, but know she has found a the best home she could ask for.




Bibi joined us along with her cage mate Raquel on March 26, 2011.  They came to us to find a new home due to medical issues of their former owner.  After being here for a while, we noticed that Bibi was having some difficulty eating, so she went to our vet to be checked.  She had some pretty serious dental issues and she was in severe pain.  Bibi was relieved of her suffering on August 15, 2011.  Bibi was a pretty standard girl, born in approximately 2006.  She was laid to rest in our rescue cemetery on what we call our "back 40", an area of our property that has been left to nature.  She is in the company of several other rescue chinchillas that we've lost over the years.  Bibi was a sweet girl and won't be forgotten.

RIP Bibi ~ August 15, 2011



Total number of chins placed in new homes during 2011:

(this does not include those that were transferred to other rescues or passed away while with us)