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Zoe and Ohno

Zoe and Ohno are a very bonded male (neutered) and female pair.  This wonderful pair came to us on September 27, 2009.  Zoe is a special needs chinchilla because she was born without eyeballs at a ranch and was rescued.  Ohno was an "accidental" birth at another rescue, which is how he got his name.  He was an "oh no"!  Zoe is absolutely remarkable in her abilities to get around and know where she is.  Having never had sight before, she has developed her own way of exploring her surroundings.  She will spiral outward to find where her boundaries are.  Once she knows where everything is, she can actually hop around and have a playtime just like any other chinchilla.  Ohno is very loving to Zoe, often coming back to check on her while they're out at playtime.  Zoe's only real needs are a little understanding as far as how she needs to have things done (offering treats and picking her up), and having her eye sockets gently cleaned once a week and an anti-bacterial eye drop placed in each one.  The process only takes a couple minutes and she is extremely good about having it done.  It is best done by two people however, one to hold her and one to clean.  It's not a gross thing to do either, her eye slits are very small and it's just a matter of cleaning any conjunctival secretions (eye boogers).  The first time we did it, it went very easily and quickly.  Now that we've done it a few times, it's even easier and quicker.  Ohno was born in March, 2006 and Zoe was born in April, 2001.  Ohno is quite the character, having escaped three times now from our blocked off play area to zoom around the house!   Gotta keep an eye on that one!  Zoe is probably one of the sweetest female chinchillas we've ever had the pleasure of having here with us.  Zoe and Ohno went to their new family on January 30, 2010.  We were able to meet at our vet's office (thank you CCAH!) so we could show their new mom how to clean Zoe's eye sockets.  We are so happy that these two have such an adoring new family, and so is their former mom.




Lilo came to Second Chance Chins on September 25, 2008.  He is a very cute violet male, born January 9, 2002.  Lilo enjoys running on his flying saucer wheel and has found he also enjoys sitting in his hammock.  Lilo has a curious and sweet personality.   Right now, Lilo is recovering from some dental issues, so he's going to remain here until we're sure he's fully recovered.  UPDATE 12/11/08:  Lilo is still battling what we believe to be an infection, likely an abcess.  We're doing everything that we can for this sweet little guy.  UPDATE 1/21/09:  We're still working with Lilo, and we are cautiously optimistic that we may be in the final stages of treatment.  He is maintaining his weight (and even gaining a little) on his own and isn't drooling anymore.  He'll still be on antibiotics for a couple more weeks.  The test will come when we take him off the medication.  UPDATE 2/27/09:  Lilo is doing very well!  After being on antibiotics for weeks, it appears that we've finally beaten whatever it was that was plaguing him.  We still don't have a definitive answer about what exactly was the problem, but as long as he's healthy now, that's the important thing!   He's been off the medication since February 18, and we're in a holding pattern just watching and waiting to see what happens.  Lilo's weight when he came in was 480 grams, which is very low.  He now weighs in the 590's, which is a remarkable weight gain.  This weight gain was all on his own, just feeding him regular food and hay.   We even see a change in Lilo's demeanor.  He's much more outgoing and friendly now and just wants to know everything that is going on around him.  He uses his flying saucer again (with a vengeance!).  Our vet gives us the ok to find him a new home if he's ok after about a month, so we're crossing our fingers for little Lilo!   We'll certainly be sad to see this sweetie go when the time comes. UPDATE 3/26/09: We've been given the word by our vet to offer Lilo for adoption. He's maintaining his weight nicely and has become more outgoing and VERY active. He is a very sweet little guy that will make someone a wonderful companion. To this day, we do not know what was causing his problems, but we're confident that he is now healthy. He may need some occasional dental care in the future for spurs on his teeth, but the roots of his teeth couldn't look more perfect.  Lilo was adopted by his new mom on February 13, 2010.  His mom adopted "Cole" from us last year and has wanted Lilo ever since.  Her dream of having Lilo for her very own came true, as he was her Valentine's Day present from her boyfriend.  We are so pleased that Lilo has a fantastic new home and will have future vet treatment from the vet that quite literally saved his life.  On September 13, 2012, we received word that Lilo's time had come.  He had an abscess in one of his molars and despite all the best vet treatment and home care, he could not recover from it.  He was relieved of his suffering on September 13, 2012 and we cried along with his mom and dad, who are now good friends of ours.  Rest in peace little man, we'll never forget you!

RIP Lilo ~ September 13, 2012




Chika is a very pretty standard gray female born November, 1999.  She came to us to find a new home on September 27, 2009.  Although Chika is a bit older, she is still a very active girl and is very sweet.  It took a little time for her to come out of her shell and settle in to our routines here, but now that she has, she's showing what a wonderful pet she will be for someone.  Chika enjoys running on her 15" Chin Spin and sleeping in her roomy hidey-house.  Chika was transferred to another rescue, out of state to find her new forever home on April 18, 2010




Nechtan came to us on March 28, 2010.  His former owner was no longer able to keep him due to the need to downsize her living space because of finances.  Nechtan had a cage mate named Wyllow, who sadly passed away a few days before he came to stay with us.  Nechtan was born January 9, 2001 and is a handsome homo beige.  Considering all the changes that have taken place in Nechtan's life in the past couple weeks, he's doing amazingly well.  Due to the short length of his stay here with us, we did not get the opportunity to take photos of Nechtan.  He was transferred to another rescue, out of state on April 18, 2010 to find his new forever home.



Snickers is a hetero beige female who was born in approximately 2003 or 2004.  Snickers is a little skittish, and does chew her fur when she is stressed.  We hope that she will stop once she's completely settled in with us (and continue to not chew when she goes to her new home!).  Snickers has the most wonderfully speckled ears and enjoys sleeping tucked away in her large hidey house.  Snickers came to us on March 11, 2010 and has had a little difficulty settling in with us.  After a little time and some extra special care, she came around very nicely and was transferred to an out of state rescue to find her new forever home on April 18, 2010.




Jasper is a very cute, and very active violet male, born on December 19, 2005.  Jasper came to us on April 30, 2009 to find a new home.  Jasper originally had a cage mate, Marty, at his former home, but had to be separated after he bit Marty on the nose!  Because of this, we feel it would probably be best if Jasper remained a single chin.  Jasper was surrendered to us due to the fact that his former family just didn't have enough time to give him the attention he needed.  It was a hard decision for them to make, but they knew it was in Jasper's best interest to find him a new home.  Jasper is quite small, but as mentioned earlier, he is very active.  He will need a family that can keep up with him!  Jasper is a bit on the skittish side, so we've sent him to stay with Miranda, one of our two super foster-mom's to gain some confidence and be spoiled a bit more one-on-one.  Jasper came a long way with his foster-mom.  He is now a very social little guy and was transferred to another rescue, out of state, to find his forever home on April 18, 2010.




Pepper is a dark standard gray male who came to us on May 11, 2009 along with his mate, Sugar, from the Wyandotte Animal Shelter.  The two of them were left outside the shelter in a tiny hamster cage, along with two cats who ended up both passing away.  Both Pepper and Sugar were quite under-nourished and dehydrated when they came to us, but Pepper has filled out nicely with proper groceries and is now quite the little pudge!  Since Pepper was abandoned outside a shelter, they had no information about him, so his age is unknown, but we suspect that he's not an old chinchilla.  He LOVES to run on his 15" Chin Spin wheel and is enjoying the nice large cage he's in.  He also enjoys an occasional nap in his hammock as well.  Pepper was adopted on April 27, 2010, by one of our former foster people.  Pepper was her last foster and is now a snuggle buddy for the first chin that we placed, Sweetie, after the loss of his cage-mate.




Taz came to Second Chance Chins on December 22, 2009 because his owner was moving to a "pet free" apartment and could not take him.  Taz is a very handsome dark standard gray male, born approximately March 16, 2006.  Taz is quite a big boy and is very active.  We've given him a Flying Saucer wheel in the cage he is using while he's with us, but we've not seen him on it.  Hopefully sometime soon he'll decide to give it a whirl!  We often see Taz sleeping in the oddest position.  Sitting on an upper corner shelf with his hind half, with his front half stretched into his hammock...as long as he's comfy!  Taz was adopted on May 16, 2010, by our foster person, Miranda.  Taz is very much loved and he adores giving his new mom's hair a new look as well as a good grooming.



Sahara and Ember

Sahara and Ember are two adorable little girls.  They were born to Dusty on March 7, 2010 and came to us when they were only a couple days old.  Sahara is a pink white and is the more active as well as being the more dominate personality.  Pink white chinchillas have very dark red eyes.  Ember is an ebony white and is an absolute doll.  She has white hind feet and a white tipped tail!  These lovable little girls are looking for a great new home where they will receive a lot of attention and love.  Both girls love to run on their flying saucer wheel, and enjoy sleeping together in their hidey-house.  Because of the lack of applicants here in Michigan, Sahara and Ember were transferred to an out of state rescue to find their new home on October 3, 2010.  The photo of them below was taken on September 20, 2010.



Muraco and Lilac

Muraco and Lilac came to Second Chance Chins on December 19, 2009 from another rescue.  Muraco is a standard gray neutered male born in September, 2002.  Lilac is a black velvet female born April, 2001.  Lilac is a tripod, missing her left front paw due to a cage accident.  If you didn't know Lilac was missing a limb, you'd swear she was totally normal, because she can run with a fury on her 15" Chin Spin wheel and gets around her cage with no trouble at all.  Muraco had his incisors (front teeth) knocked out as a kit (baby), and they grew back at a bit of an angle, but they seem to be correcting themselves.  We want whomever adopts these two to know this because his teeth will need to be monitored and may need an occasional trimming.  Muraco is a bit on the high-strung side, so he'll need a lot of out-of-cage playtime and lots of attention.  Lilac is a bit more laid back, and in watching the two of them, we often will think that Lilac's thinking to herself:  "Muraco, you spaz!  Settle down already!"  Because of the lack of applicants here in Michigan, Muraco and Lilac were transferred to an out of state rescue on October 3, 2010 to find their new home.



Qusqu and Bear

Qusqu and Bear are such a cute pair!  Bear is a standard gray male (neutered) born in approximately 2003, and Qusqu (pronounced Coos-coe) is a white mosaic male (neutered) born in February, 2004.  This pair of boys gets along so well.  They share everything and we never hear them bickering which sometimes cage mates will do.   Qusqu and Bear came to us on September 27, 2009 to find a new home .  Bear is very slightly "special needs".  The very tip of his "man part" doesn't retract fully into its sheath, and it just needs to be kept an eye on.  It's a permanent condition called a prolapse, and it has been like that for about a year and a half and there have never been any issues.  It's very easy to check everything because Bear so obligingly will stretch up at the side of the cage to say hello to you, just grab a quick peek and you're all set.  Bear and Qusqu both enjoy running on a 15" Chin Spin but they had a Flying Saucer in their cage at their former home, so they know how to use both.  Because of the lack of applicants here in Michigan, Qusqu and Bear were transferred to an out of state rescue on October 3, 2010 to find their new home.



Melody and Harmony

Melody and Harmony were both born here at Second Chance Chins on June 26, 2010 to Dusty, who came in to us pregnant and already nursing two girls (Sahara and Ember).  Melody was born at approximately 12:15-12:20pm and Harmony we witnessed being born at 1:17pm.  These girls are identical twins and have been just a joy to watch grow up.  Melody is the "wild" one while Harmony is more reserved.  We're not experts on mutation colors, but these girls definitely have TOV veiling and paw stripes, so we believe that they are TOV tan after looking up the genetics of their parentage.  The photo of them below was taken on September 20, 2010.  Melody is the one on the left with the lighter fur around her eyes, Harmony is on the right.  Because of the lack of applicants here in Michigan, Melody and Harmony were transferred to an out of state rescue on October 3, 2010 to find their new home.




Lucy joined us here at Second Chance Chins on July 20, 2010.  She is an extra-dark ebony female, born approximately July, 2008.  Lucy used to be a classroom pet, but the teacher who owned her changed schools and pets aren't allowed at the new school.  Lucy is very social, wanting to know what is going on all around her, but isn't quite used to trusting hands yet.  With a little time and patience, she will make a wonderful companion for someone.  She is very sweet and gentle, and doesn't display any negative behaviors.  She has proven to be quite the flirt with the guys (human), so perhaps she'd be a great pet for a guy.  Because of the lack of applicants here in Michigan, Lucy was transferred to an out of state rescue on October 3, 2010 to find her new home.



Tiny and Drifter

Tiny and Drifter were transferred to us from the Michigan Humane Society (Westland) on July 14, 2010.  Tiny is a sapphire and is spayed.  Drifter is a male standard gray.  Tiny is aptly named, as she is quite tiny.  Both of these chins are quite active and enjoy each others company.  Because of the lack of applicants here in Michigan, Tiny and Drifter were transferred to an out of state rescue on October 3, 2010 to find their new home.




Marisol was transferred to us from the Michigan Humane Society (Rochester Hills) on September 2, 2010.  She is a very pretty standard gray female approx 6 years old.  She is very sweet and has settled in nicely with us here.  Marisol slowly ventured to try out the flying saucer wheel in her cage, and was doing pretty well on it when she left us.  There was one thing she understood right off the bat though, and that's treat time!  Because of the lack of applicants here in Michigan, Marisol was transferred to an out of state rescue on October 3, 2010 to find her new home.




Bling came to us from the Michigan Humane Society (Rochester Hills) on September 2, 2010.  He was a standard gray male, approx 5 years old.  When we picked up Bling from the shelter, we were giving Bling some scratches under the chin to gain his trust a bit before we removed him from his cage to come home with us.  We noticed that he had some hard bumps along his jaw line which are all too familiar to us.  We got the first available appointment to see our exotics specialist vet, and after a radiograph (x-ray) was taken, our fears were confirmed.  Bling had serious elongation of his molar roots.  The hard bumps we felt were indeed his tooth roots protruding through his jawbone.  The upper roots had elongated into his nasal duct, so we felt the kindest thing was to end his suffering.  Bling passed away on September 8, 2010, and was laid to rest the same evening in our "back 40" in the company of the other rescues who have passed while with us.  Bling was with us such a short time we didn't have the opportunity to take a photo of him for our site.

RIP Bling ~ September 8, 2010



Sprite and Ginger

Sprite and Ginger are littermate sisters who came to us on April 10, 2010, with the intention they'd be transferred directly to another rescue out of state.  One look at Sprite's teeth and we knew she wasn't going anywhere.  She has some serious dental issues and we're working with our terrific vet as well as giving her vitamin C and calcium supplements.  Her top incisors have a gap between them, and her lower incisors grow very quickly.  When the lowers get longer, they fan out into a "V" shape, making it nearly impossible for her to eat on her own.  Her incisor roots have also grown too long, as well as the roots of two of her molars.  At her first dental visit, she had two molars that were quite loose.  Those have now come out on their own.  We're feeding Sprite several times daily with a special formula for hand feeding called Critical Care.  This helps maintain her while she's not able to eat much on her own.  We have seen her eating pellets on her own recently which is wonderful!  The girls were born on April 15, 2004.  Ginger is an ebony, and Sprite is a standard gray.  They enjoy sleeping together in their house and running on their flying saucer wheel.  We're hopeful that we can eventually place Sprite and Ginger into an experienced home where Sprite can continue to get the special care her dental issues are going to require.  In their photos, Sprite is on the left, Ginger is on the right.  Because of the lack of applicants here in Michigan, we transferred Ginger to an out of state rescue on October 3, 2010 to find her new home and hopefully a new friend as well.  Sprite remained with us, and despite our best efforts, Sprite was put to sleep on October 14, 2010.  Unfortunately, her molar roots were too far advanced for the supplements to help much and they progressively got worse.  We did see some slight improvement in her incisor roots in just the 6 months we had her.  Sprite was laid to rest in the natural area of our property we call the "back 40".  She is in the company of the other rescues we've lost over the years.  She was a wonderful little spirit and we miss her bubbly little personality.

RIP Sprite ~ October 14, 2010                                                              



Total number of chins placed in new homes during 2010:

(this does not include those that were transferred to other rescues or passed away while with us)