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Sunny and Cher

Sunny and Cher came to us on May 31, 2008.  They are both females (they were thought to be a male/female pair).  Sunny (changed from "Sonny") was born in approximately 2003 and is a standard gray, Cher is a hetero beige and was born in approximately 2004.   Sunny is the outgoing, curious one of the pair, while Cher tends to be more reserved and cautious.  Both girls are doing very well and are definitely ready for treat time each night.  They have a flying saucer wheel in their cage, and both girls have figured out how to use it after it sitting idle for quite a while.  Sunny likes to get in the hammock and roll around, but we've not seen either chin actually sleeping in the hammock.   They were surrendered to us because their owner is losing her home due to foreclosure and had no where for them to go when she moves.  We are happy to have been able to assist by taking these cute girls in and assuring their sad owner that they will indeed get a great new home and a happy life.  On January 10, 2009, we said farewell to Sunny and Cher when they were transferred to an out of state rescue for rehoming.

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Pandora, Penelope and Priscilla

Pandora, Penelope and Priscilla are all standard gray females, born approximately November, 2005.  They came to us to find a new home on March 15, 2008.  They were surrendered to us because their former owner could no longer afford to care for them properly because of a pay cut at work.  They have all been renamed, as they were believed to be all males and their prior names were definitely "boy" names.   They all came from the same pet store at the same time, so there is a chance that they are sisters, but we have no way of knowing this for sure.  Pandora is the little "trouble maker" of the bunch and is very curious and very active.  Her previous name was "Spaz" and it is an accurate description of her.  Penelope is the largest chin of the group, and she is more the opposite of Pandora, she's more a "wall flower".  She seems quite shy and prefers to just sit in the corner and watch what goes on around her.  Priscilla is a combination of the other two.  She's active, but not overly so.  All three have learned how to use a wheel, and since they will be staying together as a trio, will need appropriate housing.  All three have chewed their fur (or each other's), which is a stress-induced nervous habit.  Most of their fur has grown back in, but we do see a little chewing every now and then.  Hopefully, once they are settled in a permanent home and have a larger cage than we can provide here, and lots of love and attention, the fur-chewing will stop altogether.  In the photo of the three of them together, Priscilla is on the left, Penelope is in the center and Pandora is on the right.  Their individual photos are in the same order.  The photos were taken in early April, after they had a little time to settle in and "de-stress" from their move.  On January 10, 2009, we said farewell to these three adorable girls when they were transferred to an out of state rescue for rehoming.

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Cole was born here at Second Chance Chins on September 3, at 8:13am.  He is the son of Captain Grumbles and Kiwi.  Cole is an ebony male, and is a little bundle of energy!   Since immediately following his birth, we've handled Cole so he's used to it and once you can catch him (he's really fast when he wants to be!), he's very sweet while being held.  Cole loves to run on his wheel and he sleeps in his hidey house most of the time, but he does play in his hammock as well.  This little guy is very well mannered.  The photos shown here are at age 4 months.  Cole was adopted by his very excited new mom on March 7, 2009 and has a brand new Martin's Highrise cage with all the trimmings, including a Flying Saucer wheel!  We know that Cole is going to enjoy a lifetime of spoiling and love.

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Lucas was born here at SCC on December 27, 2008 to Lacie, a rescue that came in from the Capital Area Humane Society in Lansing.  Lucas is an absolutely adorable ebony male and is VERY energetic.  He's a little busy-body that has to know everything that is going on around him.  We are now accepting applications for his placement, which will not occur until after March 14.  We are separating him from his mom and grandma Paige and want to allow a couple weeks before his placement to be sure he's doing ok on his own before sending him to his new home.  Lucas has been handled frequently since his birth so he's used to being handled, but as mentioned before, he's very energetic.   He will be getting a wheel to start exploring after his mom and grandma are moved to their regular cage.  The photo below was taken at 8 weeks old.  On April 11, 2009, Lucas was adopted by his new mom.  He has a spacious new cage with custom shelving and a big house and also a nice big new Chin Spin wheel to run on.  We taught his new mom and aunt how to give chinnie scritches, which Lucas just loves!

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Princess is a very beautiful black velvet female, born approximately July of 2003.  She came to us along with Chalupa (they were not caged together) on January 12, 2009.   Princess enjoys running on her flying saucer wheel, which she just learned how to use.  She is a sweet girl who is not too difficult to hold.  She and Chalupa were surrendered to us for rehoming due to allergy issues within her former family.   It was a sad farewell for their former owners, but we've assured them that the chins will find awesome new homes.  Princess was adopted on April 23, 2009 by a great new mom.   She has a brand new Martin's Highrise cage with custom shelving and house and a 15" Chin Spin.

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Lacie and Paige

Lacie and Paige joined us here at SCC on October 20, 2008 via the Capital Area Humane Society (Lansing).   They came with Paisley and Zeke (Zeke was transferred to another rescue).   We've worked with CAHS in the past, and welcome the opportunity in the future.   Paige is a hetero beige female and is Lacie's mom.  Lacie is either a beige mosaic or a tan/white female.  Paige was born approximately August, 2005.  Lacie was born September 5, 2007.  We doubt that Lacie has had much human interaction, but she's starting to come around to us as we work with her.  Paige seems pretty social.   Both girls enjoy running on their wheel and sleep together in their hidey-house for two.  When these girls came to us, they were badly matted and needed a few good dust baths.  They've their mats taken care of now, and look absolutely gorgeous!   UPDATE 12/11/08:  Lacie is definitely pregnant, so both girls will be remaining with us until Lacie is finished with her motherhood duties.  We're hoping that Lacie will allow "grandma" Paige to assist with raising her kits so they can stay together.   UPDATE 12/27/08:  Lacie presented us with a beautiful ebony little boy sometime between 11:30am and 3:30 pm.  He is just absolutely adorable and Lacie is being a good mom, and Paige is helping out as "grandma" as we'd hoped.   UPDATE 1/21/09:  Lacie's kit has a name.  It's Lucas!  He is growing very well and mom and grandma are teaching him all of the things that a chinchilla should know.  We will begin accepting applications for his placement soon.  He won't be going home until he's at least 10 weeks old however.  UPDATE 2/27/09:  Lucas is now 8 weeks old and we're accepting applications for his adoption.  Lacie and Paige will be made available shortly after they've had time to settle in after we separate Lucas from them.  We want to give mom and grandma a little break after taking care of rambunctious little Lucas!  UPDATE 3/26/09:  Lacie and Paige have settled back into their regular cage and are doing well.  We're happy to begin looking for a forever home for these adorable girls.  Lacie and Paige were transferred to another rescue, out of state on April 24, 2009.

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Chalupa was welcomed to SCC on January 12, 2009, along with Princess.  Princess and Chalupa were not cage mates.  Chalupa is a very adorable brown velvet male.  He was born in 2001 and he is just a little guy, but he definitely has a lot of energy in such a small package!  Both chins were surrendered due to allergy problems within the family.   It was a sad farewell for their former owners, but we've assured them that the chins will find awesome new homes.  Chalupa enjoys sleeping in his hammock as well as running on his Chin Spin wheel.  He has beautiful spots on his ears and deep red eyes.  Chalupa will be going to our great foster mom, Linda for some extra attention.   He is quite sweet and we know he'll make a great pet for someone!  Chalupa was transferred to another rescue, out of state on September 8, 2009.

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Paisley came to Second Chance Chins on October 20, 2008 via the Capital Area Humane Society (Lansing).  She came with her mom (Paige), dad (Zeke, who was transferred to another rescue) and older sister (Lacie).  We've worked with CAHS in the past, and welcome the opportunity in the future.  Paisley was born on August 18, 2008 and is a homo beige female (homo means both her parents were beige).  We believe that she's only been handled by us, so she's not had a lot of socialization up until now.  She will be staying with one of our great foster mom's, Miranda, to gain more confidence in humans and get some "one-on-one" that she needs.  She's a very cute little girl who really loves to run on her wheel.  Paisley's eyes are indeed red (as are all beige chins), but they do show redder in the photos because of the camera flash.  Paisley spent most of her time with us with one of our fantastic foster mom's, Miranda.  Miranda spent a lot of time working with Paisley.   Paisley was transferred to another rescue, out of state on September 8, 2009.

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Samson and Picasso

Samson and Picasso   Samson returned to Second Chance Chins on September 18, 2008.  He is a former rescue of ours that his owner could not keep due to having to move because of a family situation.   Samson's age is unknown, as he originally came from the Michigan Humane Society and they were not given that information.  Samson is an absolutely lovable standard gray male who enjoys running on his wheel and sleeping in his hammock.  Samson's left ear has a tear, and he is missing all but one of his "fingers" on his left front paw. To read about Samson from his former stay with us, click here.  On January 10, 2009, we introduced Samson to a new friend named Picasso.   Picasso is from another rescue person, who generally takes in senior chins or those with health issues.  Samson and Picasso are settled in together and are looking for a new home.  Picasso is also "age unknown", but is likely between 8 and 10 years old.  He is a very handsome white mosaic male.  At one point in his life, he was a classroom pet.  Samson and Picasso were transferred to an out of state rescue on September 8, 2009.

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Blaise and Blossom

Blaise and Blossom came to Second Chance Chins on March 4, 2009.  Blaise was formerly named "Bucky" and Blossom was formerly named "Amom".  Blaise is Blossom's mother and they live together and will be placed together as a pair.  They often sleep snuggled together on a shelf, and sometimes share the hammock as well.   Blaise was born approximately November, 2005, and Blossom was born June 6, 2008.   Both girls are hetero beige and have dark red eyes.  They were surrendered to us due to financial constraints of their former family.  They have a nice large cage, with a wooden hidey-house, large Chin Spin wheel and a soft, snuggly hammock.  In the photo, Blaise is on the left, Blossom is on the right.  Blaise and Blossom were transferred to another rescue on September 8, 2009.

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Spark and MoMo

Spark and MoMo (we called her Mo) came to us on April 21, 2009.   They belonged to a teenage girl who no longer had the time to spend with these adorable girls.   Spark loves to run on the flying saucer wheel in their cage, but we've never seen Mo on it.  Both girls are very social and enjoy attention.  Spark is a standard gray female born approximately June, 2006.  Mo is a hetero beige female born approximately January, 2007.  These girls were transferred to another rescue, out of state on September 8, 2009.




Mickey came to us on September 13, 2009 from the Gladwin County Animal Shelter.  He was left outside their doors with a note "this is Mickey".  Mickey we could tell very shortly after coming to us wasn't feeling well.  We noticed that he was holding his head and ear to the side, and upon inspection, discovered he had fluid in his ear...an infection.  We took him in right away to our fantastic vet and were surprised to find out that he actually had a tumor in his ear, which was causing the infection and fluid.  After a needle biopsy of the tumor while he was sedated, it was determined that the tumor was cancerous.   Our vet didn't feel he could remove the entire tumor and it was decided that the kindest thing for Mickey was to put him to sleep while he was still under the anesthesia.   The tumor nearly filled the entire ear canal.  Mickey passed on September 16, 2009 and was laid to rest in our rescue cemetery with all the other rescues that unfortunately didn't have the opportunity to find new homes.  Mickey was a special little guy, even though we didn't know him long.

RIP Mickey ~ September 16, 2009




Kiwi came to Second Chance Chins on August 15, 2008 along with her mate, Captain Grumbles.   Kiwi is a beautiful sapphire female, born in  approximately 2004.  She has a very easy-going temperment and is curious and gentle.  Since Kiwi and Captain Grumbles lived together in the same cage, we suspected that she might be pregnant.  We were hoping this wasn't the case, as when she came to us, she was quite underweight.  She and Captain Grumbles were abandoned by a college student.  One of the owners former roommates cared for them as best she could and contacted us about taking them in.  We got them in as quickly as we could.  Kiwi it was quite evident shortly after she arrived was indeed pregnant, and gave birth to a beautiful ebony male kit on September 3, 2008, at 8:13am (photos are below).  Mom and son are doing very well.  We do not know if this is Kiwi's first litter, but she is being a very good mom.  Kiwi and Captain Grumbles were separated a week after they arrived, so this is Kiwi's final "motherhood".  UPDATE 11/17/08:  Kiwi has finished her duties as "mom" to Cole and is now looking for a great new home with someone who will love her forever.  She is easy-going, gentle and very curious.   Kiwi went to her new home with a terrific new mom on October 10, 2009!  It was important to Kiwi's new mom to be sure that Kiwi had all of the amenities just like she had here with us.  We know she'll have a great life in her new home.



Noah is a special little one here at Second Chance Chins.  He was born here on September 3, 2009 at approximately 3:00pm to Sugar and Pepper.  Sugar was separated from Pepper shortly after they arrived here, but Sugar was already expecting.  Sugar was very under-nourished when she got here, so we're happy that little Noah is healthy, strong and normal.  Noah is a standard gray male, just like his daddy.  He will soon be leaving momma's side to go into a "big boy" cage, and we've already found someone interested in adopting him, so he won't be with us for much longer.  We will give him his first chance at a wheel while he's here with us.  Noah was an absolute monkey when he was born.   He was climbing up the wire walls of the maternity cage at only 24 hours old!   The photo of Noah was taken at 5 weeks.  Noah went to his wonderful new home on November 28, 2009.  He has a brand new Martin's Highrise cage with a Flying Saucer wheel and a much loved hammock!




Sugar is a beautiful female white mosaic who came to Second Chance Chins on May 11, 2009 along with her mate, Pepper.  Sugar and Pepper were abandoned outside of the Wyandotte Animal Shelter in a tiny hamster cage.  The animal shelter contacted us and asked us if we could assist.  Sugar and Pepper were both dehydrated and under-nourished when they arrived.  Once they settled in a few days, we separated them, since Pepper is not neutered.  Unfortunately, it was too late, as time proved.  Sugar gave birth to a standard gray male kit (Noah) on September 3, 2009.  Fortunately, Sugar was on good food and was gaining weight for both herself and her unborn kit for most of her pregnancy and little Noah is just fine.  We're going to give Sugar a little breather once she's finished her mothering duties before we make her available for adoption, she deserves it!  Since Sugar was abandoned at an animal shelter, we have no way of knowing her age, but we suspect she is fairly young.  Sugar was transferred to an out of state rescue to find her new home on December 19, 2009.




Saoirse (pronounced Seer-sha) is a beautiful ebony female of unknown age.  She was found outside loose near a school by a kind-hearted person who then contacted us to help her.  Since she was found outside and didn't really have an owner, she also didn't have a name.  We named her Saoirse, which is Gaelic for "Freedom" since she was found outside running free.   She came to us on September 3, 2009 and has adjusted well to our routines here.   She enjoys running on her flying saucer wheel and is quite the little social one, especially at treat time!  We think she's a gorgeous girl and hope that she'll find a super family that will love and spoil her soon!  Saoirse was transferred to an out of state rescue on December 19, 2009.



Total number of chins placed in new homes during 2009:


(this does not include those that were transferred to other rescues or passed away while with us)