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This is "Stinky" as she ended up being called...she was my first rescue, even though she's not a chinchilla.   Stinky is a guinea pig that was found in a shoe box in the parking lot of a retail store last fall.  She was brought by the person that found her to the pet supply store that I worked at.  I brought her home and fostered her for 2 1/2 months.  She was adopted by a co-worker as a Christmas present for his daughter.

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This is Matigan, she was my first chinchilla rescue case.  I drove to Toledo, OH on January 31, 2004 to rescue her.  She was part of a major rescue on the part of the Toledo Area Humane Society.  She was confiscated along with another chinchilla (which has already passed on) and 30 rabbits, some of which had no shelter, food or water outdoors.  She appeared to have a touch of frostbite damage on one ear, and one eye wasn't as it should have been.  She was also a bit under-weight.   She cuddled in my arms all the way home, while husband Jim drove.  She didn't have a name when we arrived at the shelter, but she had her name before we left.  She was just full of mats, so I thought Matti would be a good name for her, and Matigan came from that.   Sadly, Matigan passed away a month after coming to Second Chance Chins of a condition called bloat.  We did everything possible to save her, but it was not meant to be.   Matigan now lies at rest under our bluebird house in our "back 40", a natural area on our property where other critters and birds keep her company.  We feel fortunate that we were able to share a part of Matigan's life and show her that there is compassion and love in the world.  She touched us deeply, was loved and will be missed.

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RIP Matigan



Sweetie is a male white mosaic, born approximately February 2003.  He is quite small for a chinchilla, weighing in at only 411 grams (average weight should be around 500-600 grams).   He has a cute dark spot on the top of his head between his ears.  So far, he has lived up to his name.  He sat with me while watching TV a couple days after arriving here, and he crawled up and fell asleep on my shoulder for about 20 minutes.   He does have a tendency to nip on occasion.  On May 22, 2004, Sweetie was placed in a very loving new forever home and is adjusting nicely!  He will have other chins to play with, after he has had a chance to become comfortable in his new environment.  Yeay Sweetie!!!

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Squint is a standard gray male, born January 7. 2004.  He is brother to Piggy and Goose.  Squint has a little fold in his left ear, and one of his eyes appears a little smaller than the other (hence the name).  Squint is super-gentle and very, very sweet.  On July 3, 2004, Squint joined Sweetie in the same forever home.  He is doing very well in his new home so far, and hopefully will be a cage mate to either Sweetie or Rowdy (Rowdy is a chin already owned by Sweetie and Squint's adoptive parents) once he is settled in.  He will definitely be spoiled rotten in his new home!

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Piggy and Goose

Piggy and Goose are standard gray females, born January 7, 2004.  They are sisters to Squint.  Piggy and Goose were adopted by the same family, so they will be in their new forever home together, where they can remain sisters!  Piggy is pictured on the left, Goose is on the right.


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Chinarump (pronounced Shin-a-rump) is a black velvet male, approximately 6 years of age.  Chinarump is a fur-biter (or fur-chewer), so his fur isn't always perfect.  The name Chinarump is after a rock formation in North Eastern Arizona called "Shinarump", which is part of the Chinle group of rock formations.  Chinarump was placed along with Riley (Jane's baby) with the same person that adopted Squint and Sweetie.   Chinarump and Riley are living together and are very happy and are being spoiled rotten!
Update:  April 18, 2005, Chinarump (known as "Chin" by friends and family) passed away due to stones in his bladder.  His new family, his previous family and his small family here at Second Chance Chins all mourn his loss....he may be gone, but will not be forgotten.

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RIP Chin ~ April 18, 2005



Riley was never listed on the available page.  A previous client (of several adoptions) requested to adopt him right after he was born.  He is the (white mosaic) son of Jane, a rescue chin that we personally adopted after finding out she had serious dental problems.

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RIP Riley ~ February 17, 2010



Chinle (pronounced Chin-Lee) is a white mosaic male, born approximately July of 2003.  He loves to run on the flying saucer wheel.  The name Chinle is for a group of rock formations in North Eastern Arizona which includes the well-known Painted Desert.  Chinle was placed in his new home October 1, 2004.  He will be a cage mate for another male chin named Rocky.

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Snow White

Snow White is a white mosaic female, born April 29, 2004.  She is sister to Pudge and Prince.  She is nearly all white with just a hint of gray on her face, ears and at the root of her tail.  Snow White was adopted on September 25, 2004.  She hopefully will be a cage mate for another chin named "Shiver" (how appropriate!).

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Truffle and Tucker

Truffle is a standard gray female, born December 17, 2003.  Both of Truffle's ears are deformed, but she doesn't let that bother her, she is just as sweet, gentle and loving as can be.   UPDATE: On August 16, 2004, Truffle gave birth to an adorable little male kit.  Truffle's baby has been named "Tucker".  Truffle has already found her new home, but now has to take care of some business here before she can free herself to move to her new home.   Both Truffle and Tucker are doing very well.  Congratulations to a new mommy!  Tucker's first picture is below....taken at 1 day old.  UPDATE:  Truffle and Tucker were adopted by the same new mom!  Of course, they won't be able to live together, but they can still visit during playtime!   Truffle and Tucker will also be in the company of Squint (now called "Quin"), Sweetie, Chinarump and Riley!  They were all adopted by the same family and are being spoiled as rotten as chins can get!

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Pudge and Prince

Pudge is a white mosaic female, Prince is a white mosaic male, they are brother and sister and were born on April 29, 2004.  They are also siblings to Snow White.   Prince has a gray face and white body and a little gray at the root of his tail.  Pudge has gray tipped fur covering most of her body, with a white-tipped tail and a little white spot on her back.   They were adopted on November 16, 2004.  They will live in seperate large cages, but will be able to see and "talk" to each other since they will live right next to each other!  The first photo is of Pudge, the second of Prince.

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Frodo was welcomed to Second Chance Chins on October 16, 2004, along with Peanut.  Frodo is a standard gray male, born April of 2002.  He is a very curious, outgoing chin and is very sweet!  While we were driving home with him, he was constantly up to mischief in his carrier.  Frodo came with his name, which is from "Lord of the Rings".  Frodo was one of 2 chins that we brought from a ranch, where they would have been pelted (killed for their fur) if they were not purchased as a pet.  Frodo was adopted on November 26, 2004 by the same person that also adopted several other chins from us.  Frodo will be spoiled beyond belief and will be in great chinchilla company too!

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Jake and Elwood

Jake and Elwood were welcomed to Second Chance Chins on October 31, 2004.  We purchased these standard gray half-brothers from a ranch, (a different one than that which Frodo and Peanut came from) where they would have been pelted (killed for their fur) if they were not purchased as a pet.  These boys are both missing a front leg (which is why they weren't sent to a pet store by the ranch).  Jake (left photo) is missing his left front leg, while Elwood (right photo) is missing his right.  This slight handicap doesn't slow down these boys though.  They get around very well and even run in their wheel, despite the loss of their limbs.  On the way home from picking them up, I introduced them to each other in the back seat of the car, and although they supposedly never met before, they became friends very quickly.  We at Second Chance Chins are proud to have had the opportunity to work with this ranch to place some of their chins, and hope to have that opportunity again in the future.  They were adopted on December 23, 2004 by a very nice young lady.  I'm sure they will have many fun times together and will enjoy the good life!

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Chilly was welcomed to Second Chance Chins on October 3, 2004.  Chilly is a standard gray female approximately 6 years of age.  She was a really timid, shy little girl, but so very sweet.  She is really starting to become more outgoing as she gets more and more comfortable with her new surroundings, and with daily interaction.  Chilly belonged to a middle school classroom before living with her last guardian.  Her former guardian felt that Chilly needed more attention that what her family could provide, so she contacted Second Chance Chins to find her a wonderful new home with lots of love and the attention she is so deserving of.  Chilly was adopted on December 24, 2004.

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Total number of chins placed in new homes during 2004:

(plus one guinea pig!)

(this does not include those that were transferred to other rescues or passed away while with us)