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December, 2011

Second Chance Chins Chinchilla Rescue has closed.  After nearly 8 years of continuous service to the public rescuing and re-homing chinchillas, it is time for us to take a break.  While we likely will reopen again sometime in the future, this was a very difficult decision for us to make, and a lot of thought was put into it.  We have helped hundreds of chinchillas, through direct re-homing, arranging for transfer to another rescue facility and advice to chinchilla owners.

The recent change in our economy has lead to an onslaught of surrender requests, but very few applications to adopt to support a continued flow of chins to new homes and allow us to help others.  In past years, we placed an average of approximately 25 chins into new homes each year.  The last two years combined, we have placed only 8.   The unfortunate aspect of this is that of the few applications we manage to receive, most are people playing "games" and we've spent considerable time reading and sending email.  Some have even taken it to the point of canceling the adoption a few days before the scheduled date, at which point, hours of our time has gone into the process of the application and preparations for the adoption.  While we realize that sometimes life circumstances change at a moment's notice, the question remains "what would you have done if you had already adopted the chinchilla?"  We often wonder how many of the reasons people "change their minds" are legitimate.  Yet this is something we've dealt with throughout the years we've done rescue, and if we return to rescue work again in the future, it will no doubt continue to be a part of it.  It just seems to us that recently it's gotten a lot worse.

The informational portions of our website will remain up and available for everyone.  We will still be here to share our experience through email consultation for problems and unexpected situations.  Email will continue to be checked on a fairly regular basis.  We just won't be taking in any chinchillas once the wonderful little souls we currently care for are placed into new homes.  The exception to this may be if we are asked by a public shelter to take in a chin or two.  This does NOT mean that if you surrender a chinchilla to a public shelter in our area that it will automatically end up here with us.  We do not search out chins at public shelters to bring here.  The chins we receive from shelters came to us because the shelter asked for our assistance.


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Second Chance Chins has re-homed 112 chinchillas to date!
(not including the 4 we adopted ourselves!)


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